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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meet Taylor Barnes

This is Taylor Barnes and she is a 16 year old from Chandler, Arizona. The day I first met Taylor we talked about volleyball. She told me she was given an opportunity to go play volleyball in Europe this summer (European Global Challenge). She has played on the USA Volleyball Junior Olympic team for three years and plays Varsity in high school. I could tell right away this girl is going places. She had the most beautiful smile and would light up when she talked about volleyball and being competitive. I mentioned doing a photo shoot with her sometime and she smiled. She said she wants to play volleyball and eventually be sponsored by Nike!! I love a girl with HUGE dreams. She wants to model and be an example to young girls about how important health and wellness are when your young. Honestly, I can see this girl on the cover of magazines, speaking to young girls and playing volleyball at a very high level. She is driven, well spoken, beautiful and makes me laugh!! Watching Taylor and her mom Tiffany dance around and be goofy together makes me smile.

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  1. Such a BEAUTY! I have no doubt she will accomplish ALL her heart desires!