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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Madelaine and Mike

This engagement session kept me smiling!! When Madelaine first contacted me, she "warned" me that her fiancé Mike was so against the idea of engagement pictures. He even sent Madelaine an assortment of hilarious yet horrible engagement session pictures he found online. Yet, she finally convinced him to do it!
"We" (Madelaine and I) finally set a date and time for the session.  As it turns out, that date/time was right in the middle of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.  Mike appreciated that!
This couple loves the outdoors and enjoying activities together, hiking and biking local trails.  Madelaine was a trooper hiking to the top of trail in her wedges to get the shot she really wanted!!
Madelaine and Mike were such a fun and enjoyable couple to work with and we laughed and enjoyed the shoot.
They even offered a tip for future couples taking their engagement photos...take a vacation from each other right before the shoot.  Mike was away on business before the session so he was happy to hug and kiss her as much as I needed him to.
I love when clients turn into friends! I know I'll be getting together with Madelaine soon. Love you both!!

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