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Monday, October 8, 2012

About Me

I'm Morgan McLane Alvidrez and I am based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I am passionate about capturing those special moments for people that tell a story! I just love people. I went to Arizona State and majored in psychology because I loved learning, talking to, and getting to know what makes people who they are. I took my love for people and my love for photography and brought them together.
Photography up until recently has been something I loved and enjoyed doing for my kids. I studied photography more when I was younger, but I have always had it in me to create these memories and stories. I take my camera everywhere!! I just love getting to each person I photograph and their passions.  I love the people I have met along the way and can't wait to see what kind of doors this opens for my future in photography.

I have been so blessed to meet people along the way that have challenged me and taught me so much about myself and photography. I love learning and it is so inspiring to have photographers who love to teach and inspire. In order to learn and grow you need find out what your creative style is. I am loving what doors have been opened to me. I cant wait to get to know each of you and your story. My promise to you is that I will take pictures that you will be able to hang on your wall for years to come. Pictures that you can look back on and remember the moments and the memories. Pictures that will tell a story and capture a moment in time thats important to you.

Much Love,

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  1. I am touched Morgan. :) Thank you for always being so eager to learn and help. You are doing an amazing job! I am so proud of your drive and ambition. xoxo